Week 10: ‘cords’ What a coincident that I received my bracelet in the mail today that is made from a high quality military grade paracord & this week’s theme is cord. Another beautiful mum that I’ve never met before has been voluntarily making these bracelets in honour of her son that she lost to Rhabdomyosarcoma. I belong to a few Facebook groups specifically for sarcoma families, patients and parents can connect and share their fears, hopes and dreams from all over the world. We all want to hear the success stories to keep us motivated in our own struggles. I received a heartfelt letter from the mum accompanying the bracelet. It gave a brief description of who her beloved boy was and I learned that he loved the outdoors & survival gear. The bracelet’s cord can be unwoven and used to get me out of a jam out in the wilderness or a concrete jungle too. A symbol of strength in a simple cord. I will wear it proudly for Jacob, Dan, Ash, Mitch, Kailem and Rhys – the warriors still fighting, the superheroes we’ve lost and the brave survivors.

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