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‘My daily cup’ 

Week 27: ‘my daily cup’ 
My daily cup contains coffee. Two a day is usually my limit unless it’s a decaf (milk & 1 – 1 sugar that is) and then I can get away with having more without the caffeine keeping me awake or making my heart to race faster than it should. I like my coffee weak just like my surname. I decorated these coffee cups and saucer using different coloured sharpies. I created patterns of random colours all over the white enamel then dribbled mentholated spirits (rubbing alcohol) causing the colours to bleed and melt in drips in a unique surreal, futuristic way. 

I tried to capture the steam rising from the hot liquid on this winters morning in Australia. You can see a slight misty fog rising from the cup if you look closely (had to squint to see it 😊) As I drank the warm beverage I thought about how everyone likes it presented differently, just as we are unique in our existence in the world. I have already stated my preference. My husband like his coffee black with 2 sugars. My children are all individual too no 2 alike. Amy doesn’t mind her coffee the way I make it, although when we’re out she goes a bit exotic and orders chai lattes with a splash of this and that. Rachel being the chef in the family has been exposed to quality tasting coffees and has built up quite a good pallet for her preferred brew. Ben likes to use our coffee pod machine, these little caps full of flavour did the trick when he was pulling all nighters when he was studying at uni. Jacob liked to have a cappuccino and he also enjoyed a cup of tea, both drinks with 3 teaspoons of sugar. My dad likes his coffee white with 1 and strong being the man of the house when he was in his prime. My mum is a bit weird in a funny way and reuses her teabags for a second cup. We get to know so much about the people who are around us in our space, all the little things that make them who they are. 

I love catching up with family and friends over a cup of coffee. It’s always a great excuse to get out of the house and reconnect with others and recharge your batteries. You don’t even have to have the slice of cake that goes so well with the coffee if the diet doesn’t approve, the coffee and company we keep gives us the boost we need. The coffee catch ups allow all sorts of emotions to surface. The funny moments, memories and laughs might makes us snort and drip drops of coffee from our nose as we take a sip. Tears of sadness slowly cool the once warm beverage as we own the tears we shed, sharing our raw emotions with others holding tightly to the cup like a child holding a cuddly toy close to their chest. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a catch up over a coffee or tea with the lovely people you ‘meet’ on the Internet as we write our blogs, share photos and tell our stories. Oh how I’d love to share a coffee again with Jacob – there’s so much I’d want to say. I’m using his camera to capture every photo in the 52moments challenge and we are only up to week 27. 
My daily cup is empty now as I’ve taken my last sip. Till the next cup is poured – ‘may your cup runneth over with joy, love and laughter, oh and really fabulous coffee.’