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Table Manners

Week 7 ‘at the table’ – The only time when graffiti is allowed in our house is on Jacob’s bar/table. We write messages of love, memories and wishes for our dearly missed beautiful brown eyed boy. It is a space where we all come together and reminisce, smile and connect, shed tears and cry together, play games and drink toasts. A silver plaque sits shinning the middle – Jacob Connor Wieck Memorial Bar 13.3.95-7.10.15 ‘capturing the chaos and creativity in Heaven on film.’ A few permanent markers are left there for family and friends to leave their mark. We’ve added a bottle opener to the table just recently to have on hand when the need arises to open a cold one. Today we caught up with Jacob’s best friend Chris who sat with us at the table and shared food and stories of all things funny, sad & indifferent happening in our lives feeling Jacob ever so present and approving of what we were doing. Still can’t get the lighting right in my shots – there’s still plenty to learn. I posted 2 shots to capture the importance of the writing on our table.