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‘On the shelf’ 

Week 4: ‘on the shelf’ 
I guess you can say you may get to know someone pretty well by what’s on their shelf. What types of books they like, an insight into their family as photos are displayed, trophies from many different sports that reveal their hidden talents and the places they’ve been by the little souvenirs brought back from various holidays. We’ve got some of those things on this shelf too but in different context. This shelf proudly showcases our beautiful brown eyed boy Jacob – ‘forever 20.’ His favourite hat sits perched on a shelf as does his wallet, his pirate patch that he wore at the end of his life as the disease gave him double vision in one eye, his favourite alcoholic drink bottle ‘Bundaberg Rum’ which now contain some of his ashes, gifts that people have given him since he’s passed and lots of my craft work that I have completed in honour of my grief for the loss of my son. So many precious items on one shelf. I will always find things to add to the shelf as I’m not going to get any more photos or life memories to place there. So I’ll find little shells from his favourite beach to place there, or thoughts and wishes to put away in a jar. His mates made the sticker of his nickname ‘Cobby’ to place on the side of the shelf just like the smaller ones we had made to put on our cars. There is a nice message written on a wooden sign that I have placed in the glass bowl with fairy lights, shells and greenery on the top shelf – ‘those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear…’ I believe those words on this shelf ❤️