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‘I wish you were here…’ 

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After writing my blog about my reasons to ‘smile’ see miracles in life everyday I found the #MiracleChallenge to ignite more writings from deep within my mind, heart and soul. I have chose to complete number 1 – write a short story using the sentence, ‘ I wish you were here’ in week 2’s ‘Miracle Challenge.’ (I missed week one – but I still might do it!)
I can remember first hearing the song ‘wish you were here’ by Pink Floyd as a young impressionable teenager at 15. The song had obviously been around for several years before my ears and mind had the pleasure of listening to it. The words and music made an impression way back then and they still hold the same chemistry now at the ripe old age of 52. My husband was learning that song on his electric guitar, the distinct notes of each string played loud through the amplifier stirring up emotions of the past, present and future. Delta Goodrem had a song in the charts with the same name too ‘wish you were here.’ But her words in the song with the same name gives me a lump in my throat ‘I miss you in the earth’s atmosphere.’ We have someone missing too. Our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend Jacob left the earth’s atmosphere last October after a short battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Oh how I wish you were here! One of our branches of our family tree has broken and fallen off. We’ve lost your future, seeing you fulfil your dreams of becoming a famous cinemaphotographer, seeing your name in lights, falling in love, getting married, becoming a dad. All we have is the memories, to cherish and keep close in hearts. We’ll keep listening to those songs that make us feel connected to you and help make us remember. I used the photo and video of Jacob playing his saxophone to accompany this passage of writing as music ‘plays the moments, pauses the memories, stops the pain and rewinds the happiness.’ The dogs would howl every time you played, it was music to my ears but it must of hurt theirs 🙂 You had a great collection of songs on your phone which you’d play on the way home from hospital after having chemo to take you to a happy place and space. At the end of a long day as the stars appear in the night time sky I will say – ‘starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, I have this wish, I wish tonight’ – ‘I wish you were here.’ x