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Week 43: Glow

A few weeks ago we had a big clean up in our ‘games room’ and threw away a lot of clutter and things we’d collected over the years that we’d never use again. It was hard to throw out some things. It broke my heart that my girls wanted to throw out some of their stuffed toys that had adorned their beds when I tucked them in and read them stories before sleep when they were little. But I had to respect their wishes, although I went back while no one was looking and rescued my individual favourites from out of the pile and placed them in a bag to show their children when they eventually arrive. Even my husband piped up and said ‘Amy’s not getting rid of the teddy I bought her when she was born’ (that made a noise when you rocked it back and forward) No! I responded and reassured him it was safe in her room. A plastic container in the corner of the shed had been home for all of our favourite books and stories. I was going to donate the well loved books to our local book shop for new owners to thumb the pages. The books were all in good condition and featured well known best sellers like Stephen King, The lord of the rings, the brother’s Grimm stories for children. Some had hard cover, some soft. The container lived in our hallway for a week or so waiting to be taken to the shop, but it was thankfully taken back to the ‘games room’ to it’s original spot in the corner for future avid readers. 

I think it’s harder to get rid of accumulated stuff because of the memories tied to these forgotten treasures, particularly if I find old broken favourite toys of Jacob’s. If I throw things out its like losing parts of him all over again. I’m keeping Rachel’s pink, blue and white Fisher Price dolls house and furniture that she got on her 4th birthday and I’m not getting rid of the waffle town farm set with roads etc either. They will get played with again by chubby and sticky hands again. When I think of toys being thrown out I am immediately brought to the movie Toy Story 2 where Jessie the cowgirl sings ‘when she loved me’ and tears well up in my eyes. Disney movies will do it to me everytime. 
While rummaging through the mess I stumbled upon an action figure that was given to Jacob when he was around 3 or 4 just after the release of the movie ‘Small Soldiers.’ Him and his brother liked the movie and characters (not really sure if it was age appropriate at the time). Ben received Chip Hazard and Jacob got Archer one Christmas morning much to their excitement. I have the video of them opening their presents that morning to prove it. Ben’s Chip Hazard had a hazardous life with his head being pulled off by his cousin so early on in his existence with our family and was played with mostly with his head missing as he fought the Gorgonites in battles. He is now missing in action. Whereas Archer has been found, old batteries removed, new ones replaced and is in fine working order when his button are pressed he proudly states – ‘I am Archer, leader of the Gorgonites, prepare for battle, defend Gorganite castle……rarrrrghh’ as the green circle medallion glows on his chest. You can swing his powerful arm to hear a metallic punch too. 

In this photo Archer’s medallion is glowing while he’s hanging out with other heroes from my children’s youth. My boys both had 2 Buzz Lightyear toys to carry around, Jacob’s was the original colours and Ben’s was special edition black. I had Woody in my possession minus his hat as it was misplaced in the years that he was played with. When my boys were cleaning out their room with my mum when they were heading towards their teenage years they placed those Toy Story toys in a bag to be sorted out to be either stored away or donated to charity. Unfortunately the bag they were in got mixed up with the ones to be thrown out so it was a case of Toy Story 3 where Andy’s toys in the bag was accidentally thrown into the bin. At least Andy’s toys were eventually found, ours were not. My husband knew how much those toys meant to me so he bought me a new Woody and Jessie. I haven’t opened them yet just like the Old Prospector was never let out. I will gladly shared these favourites with our future grand babies. As I look at these toys I am reminded to feel old as I realise that the toys my children used to play with have become collectables and will eventually become antiques. Archer has been kept well and looks great for an 18 year old toy. 

I will finish with a quote from Woody in Toy Story 2 – ‘I can’t stop Andy from growing up….but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ We won’t get to see Jacob grow up for he is forever 20, but we are so glad we had 20 years with him in our world although we will always wish for more.