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‘On the phone’ 

Week 16: ‘on the phone’ Technology has come a long way since I was this age (7 years). This is my neice playing a game on an iphone which is then placed in virtual reality glasses giving you the sensation of being there in the moment whether it be on a rollercoaster, finding your way out of a maze, scuba diving in the ocean or escaping a haunted mansion. My neice finds multitasking easy as she enjoys a virtual reality adventure while eating an Easter chocolate brownie slice. No mobile phones when I was this age. The telephones were absolutely huge and heavy on your fingers as they traced the circle identifying numbers. I grew up in times where there were public pay  telephone boxes on nearly every street corner. I’m glad I grew up in the early 70’s and have had the pleasure of seeing how technology has changed and improved (just like me) like a nice drop of the season’s finest wine.