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Week 35: Clean 
I’m writing this while on holiday in Canada with my husband Pete. We are travelling around for 25 days. Nothing beats walking into your motel room after a full day of travelling. To walk into a beautiful room so fresh and clean is just what we need. I get a bit excited with each day we travel, the wonderful things to visit, to do, to photograph and checking into a new motel at the end of the day to recharge the batteries. I love checking out all the nooks and crannies within the clean room we’ve just checked into. I have been writing down our room numbers too just as a record and taking a photo from the room window. If we have been fortunate enough to stay more than one night it quickly becomes ‘unclean’ as the items find their way out of the suitcase and are deposited all of the room. 
I don’t think we are the only guilty travellers that starts off with a clean room and end up with an entirely different room. My children are culprits too. I’ve seen the rooms they’ve stayed in during our holidays, particularly our last holiday all together as a family of 6. I’m positive the rooms were clean as they swiped the key to gain entry. It’s quite amazing what can happen in a few days with the girls sharing a room and the boys sharing another. The girls room smelt of perfume and makeup with little piles of clothes near their luggage and bags of shopping. When I opened the boys door (I didn’t really want to enter their room 😊) I was hit with the smell of a boys dorm, I could see their beds were unmade and clothes and towels were scattered all over the floor amongst the bags and luggage. I instantly felt sorry for the hotel room service so I placed the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door to save embarrassment. We always pick up our game as our check out nears. We leave the place in reasonable shape in the hope we get the opportunity to be invited back. We don’t want to be black listed for not having a clean room. 
My children’s bedrooms at home are sometimes clean, but at times can resemble a hotel room with things everywhere, and things out of place. When I ask them to clean their room it usually ends up just being a clear path being made from the door to their bed. 
As we continue to travel on our holiday and stay in different motels, I will look into the clean room and think that it’s telling me to ‘use it well, keep it clean, and it will never tell me what it has seen’ over the years. If only the walls could talk.