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Week 14: ‘in the drawer’ No treasures to find in these draws lol as these are the ugliest of draws in our house 😊 Our house was already old (30 years + ) when we moved in and fast foward to present day we’ve been here for 22 years. Wow where does the time go! These ugly draws live in our very old but still functionable kitchen, although it’s a mystery what’s in the bottom draw as it’s stuck. They were once  originally a dark brown colour laminate exterior in their prime (hence the brown showing through the scratches) and have had several upgrades thanks to my husband who’s a house painter. He painted them an off white which looked great when it was fresh but it’s crying out for a re-coat now and the fluorescent light makes it looks even more sickly. The ornate  handles fall off when you try and open the draws so I’m in constant hunt for modern  replacements at a cheap price. I really shouldn’t complain after all it’s just a set of draws to store things in and they are part of an old, well lived in, cluttered house full of love.