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Week 6: Heart – ‘Memories are photographs taken by the heart ❤’ I love the photos that are displayed along the wall below the stairs as well as the ones as you walk up them. But these particular one’s tug more at the heartstrings than the others as these were taken on our last family holiday all together as a family of 6. We spent a wonderful 9 days in Hawaii and the photo where we are all lined up in a row we were all decked up in wetsuits awaiting our swim with the mantarays. The other photos were taken at Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki & on the volcano tour. It’s hard to look at the photo’s of Jacob as a picture of health as the tallest in the family to a month later undergoing his first chemotherapy treatment. I will treasure these moments & many others deep in my ‘heart.’ (On the day of hearts ♡ Valentine’s day)