‘3 o’clock somewhere’

Week 9 – ‘3 o’clock’ 
I work four days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and get ‘hump day’ Wednesday off. I could be doing numerous things throughout the weekdays at 3 o’clock with no rhyme or reason to any of it and it changes week to week. But on weekends at 3 o’clock I’m usually just chilling at home making myself comfortable with my feet on the coffee table which is messy with cups, papers etc, watching something on paytv and writing a new entry in my blog. The weather this particular Saturday at 3 o’clock is rainy but warm with the humidity high as we approach the new season of Autumn. The kitchen smells delightful as my daughter is cooking a traditional Thai meal that she learnt how to make while on holiday there recently and is also making ‘chocolate spiders’ an Aussie favourite using fried noodles, peanut butter and chocolate – hhhmmm nice comfort food on a wet Saturday indoors.

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