‘Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness….’ This is my inspiration for my next photo in the exploration of ‘light.’ I took a slow walk across the road from our house as the sun went down and took several photos. It was hard to pick which one spoke to me the most. I liked this one the best because the big trees that line the lake have a slight red glow on them and red was Jacob’s favourite colour. You can see the jetty and speckled through the trees, shining like stars in the darkness you can see the lights. These shining lights that poke through the darkness symbolises our journey of how we are coming to terms of losing Jacob and that he’s no longer here with us all. The small colourful lights are the days of good still to come when we hear that old song that used to make us cry we now can listen to it and smile and sing along. The lights are the days you jump up out of bed looking toward to the day ahead instead of not wanting to surface from under the covers. The lights are when you look at all the family photos you have and remember every moment with a smile instead of tears. The lights are the love for him that continues to glow warm from within. The lights are for the future family moments that are yet to happen like engagements, weddings and births of new generations, although he won’t physically be there with us, we will carry him in everything we do and everywhere we go in our hearts and he will be forever connected as we capture these moments with his camera – seeing the world through his eyes. In ‘hope’ we continue to see the bright lights in-between the patches of darkness.

Like the old saying says you have to have seen the ‘darkness’ to appreciate the ‘light.’ I’m not afraid of night time in all of its darkness, for its in the darkest night you can see the brightest stars ⭐️


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