For my second week for the ‘illuminate’ photographic course I will explore ‘light’ – (within 3 photos) This is photo number 1.

Grief can be descibed using the terms of ‘light & darkness’ and so can that one photograph that captures light and darkness in one shot. I tried to capture my light & darkness using one of mother nature masterpieces, a tree. ‘There are cracks in everything: that’s how the light gets in….’

When creating my ‘stepping on shards of glass’ artwork that I was creating for another online grief course on the website called ‘wildfeathers wellness’ I wrote down some of my triggers of grief (too many to write down) and turned them into stained glass and found a quote to accompany it. “Our hearts are like stained glass windows. Those windows are made of broken glass which have been forged back together, and these windows are even stronger and more beautiful for having been broken….”

The light that shines through the branches and leaves that I took of a tree in my backyard symbolizes these cracks like broken pieces of the stained glass letting the light through in dark times. We are slowly seeing all the light and beautiful colours in life as we live our ‘new’ normal without Jacob. We will continue to see him in all the beauty of the world, a butterfly, the sunset, the rain drops, a thunderstorm, the waves on the beach,  shells, the wind whistling through the trees letting the light shine down on us and all the stars we wish upon at night 🌟

Let there be light


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