Week 38: New

It’s funny that sometimes new things become the old things and that’s the case of my ‘new’ sports watch. My husband had wanted a new fancy sports watch for awhile. One of the ones that monitor your heart rate, steps taken and connects to your mobile phone and tells you it’s time to get up out of your chair and move. During our holiday away in Canada and Alaska this sports watch didn’t live up to his expectations and was talking of getting another one. After doing some research he came up with the conclusion that this type of sports watch was better suited to an android phone not an iPhone. So as it was our anniversary and I hadn’t really got him a present (as if the holiday wasn’t enough of a present for the both of us) I decided that I’d get him the new iPhone sports watch for a combined anniversary and upcoming birthday present. Since I own and love an android phone -my old faithful Samsung Galaxy S5 I now have my husbands old sports watch but it’s new to me. 

I am pretty ok with new technology but I may just need to study the instructions a bit to get the best out the item. Jacob was my ‘go to’ for technology issues at our home. He just had magic hands that when he dabbled with technology he made it like child’s play. He sometimes got frustrated with me when I did things too slow or not the right way, but he had the gentlest way of teaching me and I miss that. His siblings have got a way with technology too as with most young adults of this generation and are always willing to help their slightly ageing mum lol. 

With this new toy I’m hoping to get reacquainted with my one word that I chose for the recapture self village at the beginning of the year – ‘focus.’ It was my intention to focus a bit more on getting myself into shape this year and losing those unwanted kilos. I think I utilised the word more within the photography realm as I thoroughly enjoyed the momtography class as I fiddled with my camera lens in manual focus and lacked the focus that I needed on myself. I’ve got a ball to go to in at the end of October and relatives coming over to stay with us from the UK for a holiday in November so there’s plenty of healthy reasons to ‘focus’ on me. My new piece of old equipment might help with the emerging of the new me. 

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