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Week 3: Doors – This is our back fly screen door. Between this door two species of animals are getting to know one another under the condition of family not food 😊 another circle of life is in learning mode inside as well, our kitten is getting to know our pet bird and is slowly beginning to learn that he is family too despite the hunter look in his eyes. This door leads us to our backyard. Our backyard is a very social area of our house. The door leads us to our pergola where we have our bbqs and parties, climb a few concrete steps to our pool, then games room (great for sleepovers) and outdoor spa. Jacob’s memorial bar is out there too and is always ready to have a drink at and a permanent marker is there as well to write a message of love on the bar top. We ring a bell to have a toast to him as we enjoy family gatherings. I quoted Stephen King’s words about doors to go with this photo of my back door and his stories are just some of my favourite reads. The meaning of the quote is that your words start out being just for you, then they go out to others. Once you know what the story is and get it right – it then belongs to anyone who wants to read it. I hope my words that I write in my blog will one day help others with their own grief. ‘Always an open door to our house’ ❤️


Sharing an entry that I did for week 2 of the 52moments – recapture self 

Week 2 – ‘Me’ This is a photo of ‘me.’ It is taken in the family room of our house. It is a room I gravitate towards to be ‘me’ in. This room has seen many versions of ‘me.’ A mum & wife at 30years of age moving into her new house with 3 young children aged between 1-6years. True to the old wives tale – ‘new house, new baby’ we welcomed Jacob into the new house. The energy in the room is sometimes palpable. So many memories are encased in this room, happy, sad, scared, all the emotions experienced with a growing family. The photo is slightly off-focus and the room is messy so there’s plenty of room for improvement (my word for the year is Focus) For me it’s the heart of my house. For it is also the room where my 20 year old son took his last breathe after fighting a 13 month battle with Ewing’s sarcoma surrounded by 19 loving family members and friends. I saw him take his first breath and I saw him take his last although it’s not supposed to be that way. I feel his presence there and it’s comforting as I enjoy a cup of coffee and simply be. I do all my creating in this room where I write my blog and make things to place on his memorial shelf. Jacob took his last breath to a song he introduced me to, aptly called ‘it’s nice to be alive.’ And everyday I think of this title and believe it with all my being, heart and soul.