‘Next to me’ 

Week 17: ‘next to me.’ I can hear the words of the song by Emeli Sande ‘next to me’ sing out from the radio in the car. These lyrics stir thoughts and feelings ‘When all I need is a hand to stop the tears from falling I will find him, I’ll find him next to me.’ I know he’s there beside me, next to me, surrounding his family in everything we do, in a spiritual sense and physical sense (as he is in his life size cut out). People may think we’re a bit weird in the things we do to keep him connected to our lives. We get Jacob out of his cardboard box  (we can laugh about it and he would too) at every family function we have. We have photos taken with him, toasting him and sharing our love for him including him in everything we do. He will celebrate with us future engagements, weddings and births of new generations of family in this cardboard form – ‘next to me, next to us’ ♡ Over the years we will change in our photo’s with Jacob, we will age but Jacob will stay youthful and ‘forever 20.’

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