‘My space’ 

Week 15: ‘My Space’ – Please excuse the mess of my space 😊 I really need to declutter, be stronger and throw stuff out. My husband is a bit of a hoarder and as we are becoming ’empty nesters’ we seem to be accumulating more stuff. This is the space where I work on the computers with photography and writing  mainly. I use a Mac computer & windows PC which sit side by side on different desks depending on what program I’m working and share a printer/scanner between the two. I even have to share my chair with the cats. This room used to be our dining room but over time it has transformed to the computer space that’s become ‘my space.’ When my children are here they tend to sit with their devices wherever they are, not necessarily sitting on a chair by the computer like me. I need both the light (love the light shade) and lamp on to see as my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and if you look closely through the window you can see the washing on the line under the pergola out the back (looked like rain). In ‘my space’ I’m not messy, I’m just creatively organised. 😊

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