‘In the corner’ 

Week 5:  ‘In the corner’ 
‘It’s a big world. Full of dark corners and long memories.’ Our little corner bar is far from dark but it does contain some memories of long ago. It fits perfectly into the corner of the room and matches our decor with the timber. It’s a rather crowded corner space with very little room to add anything else, the only way to make more room is to use it up (we do drink sensibly 😊). We usually use things up at special occasions like Christmas, New Years, birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. We’ve collected lots of shot glasses from holidays, 18 & 21st birthday glasses and pints, cocktail mixing recipe books, an empty bottle of babysham that I drank on holiday in the UK when I was 19, another empty bottle of wine that my husband and I enjoyed on our honeymoon which I painted a mural on it of all the fun things we got up too (keeping it rated ‘g’ of course), packs of playing cards, trinkets from weddings we’ve attended. Some of the drinks have gathered a bit of dust from being locked away in the corner of the room. But as the old saying says ‘wine gets better with age’ I hope it’s true and the drinks taste better than before when we next have the need to open the corner bar for new memories to be captured and cherished.

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