‘…watching the tide roll away’♪

Week 8 – ‘where I stand’ 
I’m standing on the jetty just across the road from my house. I’ve been waiting all week to take a shot of our beautiful Lake Illawarra but it’s been raining too much to risk the camera getting wet. I wouldn’t care about getting wet, there’s something childlike in getting wet in the rain as an adult. There was a break in the weather so I grabbed the camera a snapped several shots in the hope of capturing a decent one. I like this one the best as it looks half black and white and splashed with a bit of colour, the patch of blue amongst the dark clouds. I just made it home before the rain hit. So many fun family memories have been created in this space. I have lived, fished, barbecued, picnicked, partied, rowed in a boat, went prawning, road a bike, played family games of cricket, volley ball, soccer, touch footy, walked dogs and cats on leads and thrown a frisbee over the past 40 years at this place. I first lived in this area as a child of 6, my parents still live in the house that I grew up in and now I live here with my family just a street away from my parents right in front of this view. So today, at Boonerah Point (Aboriginal name) is where I stand.

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